Maia Ruth Lee, Migrant Reader, 2022
Magali Reus, And Orchard, 2022
Tammy Nguyen, Four Ways Through a Cave, 2022
Joeun Kim Aatchim, Homed, 2022

Farah Al Qasimi, Surge, 2022
Willa Wasserman, Quickening, 2022

Marius Bercea, Blue Silk, 2022
Em Kettner, The Understudies, 2022
Sascha Braunig, Lay Figure, 2022
Victoria Gitman, Everything is Surface, 2022
Sayre Gomez, Halloween City, 2022
Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork, Solutions to Common Noise Problems, 2022
Cassi Namoda, Forgotten Limbs, 2021
Neïl Beloufa, Global Agreement, 2021
Kelly Akashi, Faultline, 2021
Emmanuel Louisnord Desir, Prisoners of Hope, 2021
Neil Beloufa, Remotely Speaking: Talking Works, 2021
Sayre Gomez, Apocalypse Porn, 2021
Channa Horwitz, The Language Series, 2021
City Fever, Group Exhibition, 2021
Tom Anholt, Moonlight, 2021
Em Kettner, Slow Poke, 2021
Cindy Ji Hye Kim, Soliloquy for Two, 2021
Patrizio di Massimo, Close at Hand, 2021
Rindon Johnson, The Valley of the Moon, 2021
The Future in Present Tense, Group Exhibition, 2021
Kelly Akashi, Cultivator, 2021
Meriem Bennani, Guided Tour of a Spill, 2021
Ludovic Nkoth, Don't Take This Too, 2021
Jessie Makinson, Something Vexes Thee?, 2021
Christine Sun Kim, Trauma, LOL, 2020
Em Rooney, Women in Fiction, 2020
Kay Hofmann, Senses, 2020
Patrick Jackson, My Dark Architect, 2020
Shaina McCoy, Father, Father, 2020
Ivy Haldeman, Hello, the Future Is Certain, 2020
Cassi Namoda, You'll be old too one day..., 2020
Materia Medica, Group Exhibition, 2020
Sharif Farrag, Drawings and Vessels, 2020
Farah Atassi, New Paintings, 2020
The Cultivation Syllabus, Group Exhibition, 2020
Victoria Gitman, Five Paintings, 2020
Kathleen Ryan, Bad Fruit, 2020
Mike Kuchar, Broken Gods, 2020
Marius Bercea, Thieves of Time, 2020
Sharif Farrag, Laugh in the Dark, 2019
Philip Hanson, Gridded Ether, 2019
Sayre Gomez, X-Scapes, 2019
Bad Peach, Group Exhibition, 2019
Cindy Ji Hye Kim, The Sword Without, The Famine Within, 2019
Dorian Gaudin, Climax Change, 2019
Lila de Magalhaes, Cupid of Chaos, 2019
Candice Lin, Meaningless Squiggles, 2019
Genesis Belanger, Coins for the Ferrymen, 2019
Peel, Group Exhibition, 2019
Cassi Namoda, The Day A Monkey is Destined to Die..., 2019
Zhang Ruyi, Bonsai, 2019
Kelly Akashi, Figure Shifter, 2019
Christine Sun Kim, Finish Forever, 2018
Koak, Breaking the Prairie, 2018
Ingrid Luche, They can't live without it. We can., 2018
Aaron Fowler, Exceedingly and Abundantly Blessed, 2018
Channa Horwitz, Structures, 2018
Liquid Dreams, Group Exhibition, 2018
Twist the Spine, Group Exhibition, 2018
Becca Mann, Protea, 2018
Patrick Jackson, DUM MUD, 2018
iiu Susiraja, what am i?, 2018
Yoshua Okón, Solo Exhibition, 2018
Kelly Akashi, Shadow Film, 2018
Florian Meisenberg, The Taste of Metal in Water, 2018
The Pain of Others, Group Exhibition, 2018
William Anastasi, Solo Exhibition, 2017
Sayre Gomez, Déjà Vu, 2017
Upstream, Group Exhibition, 2017
Farah Atassi, Solo Exhibition, 2017
Hans Bellmer, Solo Exhibition, 2017
Kathleen Ryan, Weightless Again, 2017
Kelly Akashi, Being as a Thing, 2016
Zoe Barcza, DR AWKWARD, 2016
Davide Balula, Broken Things Float Faster, 2016
Willa Nasatir, Solo Exhibition, 2016
Neïl Beloufa, Democracy, 2016
Patrick Jackson, Drawings and Reliefs, 2016
Marius Bercea, (On) Relatively Calm Disputes, 2016
Joel Kyack, On the Floor in the Cave of Skulls, 2016
Channa Horwitz, To the Top, 2016
Haroon Mirza, A Chamber for Horwitz, 2016
SOGTFO, Group Exhibition, 2015
Mike Kuchar, Saints and Sinners, 2015
Dan Bayles, The Apotheosis of Washington, 2015
Stopping The Sun In Its Course, Group Exhibition, 2015
Cammie Staros, Man Shall Know Nothing Of It, 2015
Mitchell Syrop, Niza Guy, 2015
Candice Lin, You are a spacious fluid sac, 2015
Sayre Gomez, I’m Different, 2014
Joel Kyack, Old Sailors Never Die, 2014
Gina Osterloh, Solo Exhibition, 2014
Square(s), Group Exhibition, 2014
Depression, Organized by Ramiken Crucible, 2014
Channa Horwitz, Orange Grid, 2013
Patrick Jackson, The Third Floor, 2013
Neil Beloufa, Speaking About Best, 2013
Robert Russell, Men Who are Named Robert Russell, 2013
Davide Balula, 1. Turn West..., 2013
Material Underground, Group Exhibition, 2012
Body of Evidence, Group Exhibition, 2012
Marius Bercea, Concrete Gardens, 2012
Anna Betbeze, Wormholes, 2012
Deep Space, Group Exhibition, 2012
Candice Lin, It Makes the Patient See Pictures, 2012
Andra Ursuta, Mothers, Let Your Daughters Out Into the Street, 2012
Robert Russell, Masters, 2011
The New Verisimilitude, Group Exhibition, 2011
Joel Kyack, Escape to Shit Mountain, 2011
Falling Off A Cliff, Channa Horwitz & Michael Müller, 2011
Matt Mullican, Works from the 1980s and 1990s, 2010
Horwitz, Macdonald, Müller, Civin, Group Exhibition, 2010
Channa Horwitz, Sequences & Systems, 2010
David Levine, Hopeful, 2010
Marie Jager, The Big Nowhere, 2010
Philip Loersch, Everything Aligned, 2010
Bourgeois Problems, Curated by Catherine Taft, 2010
PERFORM! NOW!, Performance, 2010
Marcus Civin, American Rifle, 2010
Marius Bercea, Qui Vivra Verra, 2010
Ghebaly Gallery presents Telephone, Performance, 2010
Candice Lin, Holograms, 2010
Mores Mcwreath, Between Everywhere, 2010
Dan Bayles, CONTRACT-W914NS-04-D-0009, 2010
Joel Kyack, The Knife Shop, 2009
Neïl Beloufa, Tectonic Plates or the Jurisdiction of Shapes, 2009
Dan Bayles, New Paintings, 2009