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François Ghebaly Gallery presents Telephone

One-Night Exhibition of Experimental Poetry, Sound Art, and Performances

Saturday, December 11, 2010, 7pm – 10pm

François Ghebaly Gallery presents Telephone, a night of performance, poetry, sound art, and exciting collaborations highlighting works by Mathew Timmons and [name]. Visitors will experience the world premiere of The Arc of Noise, an epic choral composition created from messages left by scores of callers who participated in the collaborative sound work that debuted at the inaugural exhibition of 323 Projects (

Telephone will also showcase performances from 323 Project’s current show You’ve Got Problems? We’ve Got Solutions by [name], featuring audio samples meant to play with concepts typified by self-help literature, motivational speaking, gurus, mantras, and spiritual healing. You can access 323 Projects any time, day or night, by calling (323) 843-4652. Performers atTelephone will include Spencer Douglass, Nancy Popp, Jon Rutzmoser, Mathew Timmons, Matt Wardell and others.

Timmons works in a variety of media, focusing on creating works using language, sound, poetry, and printed matter. His work culls from external sources and repositions meaning in unfamiliar and disarming ways. For his exhibition at 323 Projects Timmons debuted The Archanoids, an album of solo and collaborative sound poetries from 2005-2010.

In addition, he also invited visitors to participate in The Arc of Noise, a collective sound poem which utilized 323 Projects’ collaborative capabilities. Viewers participated by calling 323 Projects while watching a video score of Timmons’ composition and recording their own voice following the score. Since the show Timmons has worked with programmers and sound engineers Dan Richert and Aaron Drake to layer all the visitor’s messages into one single choral performance of the piece, making the world’s largest sound poetry choir.

[name] is a curatorial collective dedicated to the optimal channeling of auspicious energies in any and all available circumstances. Its members include Spencer Douglass, Holly Myers, Paul Pescador, Catherine Taft, Mathew Timmons, Matt Wardell, and Kate Wolf.

323 Projects is an innovative exhibition space that exists as a phone number visitors can call to access contemporary art. 323 Projects exists to provide a dispersed, peripatetic, and constantly accessible venue for artists of all kinds who seek to explore issues important to their respective practices. To visit 323 Projects simply call (323) 843-4652 or (323) TIE-IN-LA. You can also visit the 323 Projects website at  Tucker Neel is the Founder and Director of 323 Projects. He can be reached at