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The Cultivation Syllalbus

During this time of global isolation, we are embarking on a project of cultivation, looking to our artists for guidance in new knowledges, new skills, and new preparations for an unknown future. Once a week for three weeks, join us for an expanded syllabus of lessons running the gamut from the practical to the absurd.

April 28 - May 12, 2020


Marius Bercea

How to Make Charcoal from Cherry and Grape Wood

Recommended Readings

John Fante, Dreams From Bunker Hill, 1982.

Aldous Huxley, Ape and Essence, 1948.

Ilf & Petrov, Selected Stories, edited by A.V. Knowles, 2007.

Denise Aimé-Azam, The Passion of Gericault, 1970.

Urmuz, Bizarre Pages (Weird Pages), trans. 1985.

Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron, 1353.

The Cultivation Syllabus