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The Cultivation Syllalbus

During this time of global isolation, we are embarking on a project of cultivation, looking to our artists for guidance in new knowledges, new skills, and new preparations for an unknown future. Once a week for three weeks, join us for an expanded syllabus of lessons running the gamut from the practical to the absurd.

April 28 - May 12, 2020


Kelly Akashi

How to Make a Poem of the Moment



Step One
Acquire at least one newspaper, scissors, X-Acto knife, crystal clear tape and/or acid free glue. Ruler, gloves, and cutting mat are optional.



Step 2
Start cutting out phrases, words, letters, images - anything that stands out to you. I like to start with larger sections using my scissors and later fine tune with the X-Acto knife.



Step 3
Once you have a good amount of material, you can start to lay out your poem. I like to use a piece of white paper to back the clippings.



Step 4
Try layering text and images to see how things within the newspaper resonate with each other. You start to notice repeating phrases and topics and the weight simple phrases have when lifted and juxtaposed with one another.



Step 5
Glue or tape the clipping down. I use crystal clear Scotch tape or PVA glue carefully applied with a Popsicle stick. 


Newspaper Reconstruction, 8Apr2020

Newspaper Reconstruction, 8Apr2020

The Cultivation Syllabus