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The Cultivation Syllalbus

During this time of global isolation, we are embarking on a project of cultivation, looking to our artists for guidance in new knowledges, new skills, and new preparations for an unknown future. Once a week for three weeks, join us for an expanded syllabus of lessons running the gamut from the practical to the absurd.

April 28 - May 12, 2020


Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon

Not a Meditation



Please get into a comfortable position.


This could be standing on two feet, noticing where the floor meets the piece of flesh under your big toe. 


This could be laying down noticing where the floor is pressing against your back and holding your head.


This could be sitting in a chair feeling your hips supporting your spine and your feet planted on the ground with the weight of the earth resting.


This could be walking forward or backwards, with one foot after the other.


Forward motion can be stimulating, even when we are not stimulated, you can think about moving forward even if you can’t move forward. Imagining a forward movement can also be stimulating.


Please soften your gaze.


Feel the space between your ear and your shoulder on one side of your body.


Now imagine a friend is blowing a balloon into that space. It’s ok their air is going into the balloon, but they are close. You can hear their breathing, breathe with them.


What color is the balloon? 


Close your eyes.


Let rain fall on top of your head smoothing down over your face, into your eye sockets, over your ears, falling down the crease where your ear meets your head. Down your neck and onto your chest. 


Imagine the space between your skull and skin. Imagine it breathing.  In and out. My grandmother's acupuncturist once told me that’s where my ancestors are stuck.


Let rain fall on top of your shoulders, onto the back of your neck, the upper part of your arm and below the elbow. Down the curve in your spine and onto the top of your ass. 


Where are your hands? Are they at your side, are they in your lap, are they at your throat? Are they at someone else's throat? How do they feel? 


Kindly rub your hands together... gently touch your fingers to each other (if you live alone please do this everyday).


Now, you are in your car, it is parked and it’s dark outside. Art Leboe is on the radio, oldie slow jams are playing. The windows are down and the volume is high. The air is warm around you. 


Notice your spine, what shape is it in? Is it holding you up? Or are you holding it up? 


The slow jams stop. 


Kindly exit the car and walk into Walmart. There are people there browsing the aisles not sure of themselves, there are people there browsing the aisles very sure of themselves. 


How do you feel? 


The Cultivation Syllabus